Aesthetic dental veneers

“Why didn’t I do it before?”

If you are not so happy with your smile, be aware that you can improve it and get it as you have always dreamed.

Excessive teeth tightening, massive medicine assumption, teeth consumption and several pathologies due to increase in age make it necessary an intervention to recover shape and color of consumed and decolorate teeth. Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati is a leader clinic in giving you better smiles – besides in good health and correctly occluding – by the aesthetic point of view, by giving symmetry, color and proportions to your face.

Aesthetic dental veneers are a real innovation; do not trust those dentists who don’t know the modern techniques (now a reality with a 40-year follow-up in the USA) and advise against veneers, wrongly thinking they are invasive, painful and fragile.

A nice smile gives you self-confidence, cheerfulness, improves the human relations and opens your way to success.

The comment we most often receive after implanting the veneers is “Why didn’t I do it before?”.

You surely have heard about aesthetic veneers, you may know they allow the Hollywood stars to have a nice smile with no pain, but you may not know yet what they exactly are. No problem, we are here to explain you.

The AESTHETIC CERAMIC VENEERS are thin ceramic coats that replace the natural tooth enamel and are applicated on each single tooth like a contact lens. Once applicated the veneer sticks chemically and micromechanically, thus assuring a very solid adhesion with the natural tooth. They also allow to completely modify shape and color of the teeth, thus recovering the correct occlusion, protectig the exposed dentine and improving aesthetics and thus the patient’s life.

The veneers stick to the tooth even partially prepared, thus allowing the maximum maintenance of the dental tissues. Action is done only on the sick or missing dental wall and nothing is done on the rest of the tooth.

The veneers can be made of different materials, but the best results are given by ceramics.

How long will the dental veneers last?

Veneers have no time limit. Their life depends on the maintenance and by the patient’s attention to his buccal cavity (exactly as it happens for natural teeth). The veneers maintenance is the same as for the natural teeth: oral hygiene at home, toothbrush, dental floss and periodic dentist’s visits for professional oral hygiene. In the case of caries or parodontal problems, these are dealt with as on natural teeth.

In our clinic the veneers application technique is based on international study and work experiences. Everything is done to obtain a wonderful smile in harmony with the face. The modern veneers are not ‘water’ white but they take up the natural tooth with a color that could also be very white, but always natural. The veneers show the incisal transparencies and the surface textures. A shape studied with great attention is reproduced, because we know that details make the difference. Every case is studied and tailored for each patient.

Let us see in detail the achievement process of a new smile

First appointment

The mock up. We examine the initial situation, make scannings and, depending on the face carachteristics and on the patients’s needs, an immediate simulation of the final smile is prepared.

Secondo appuntamento

Senza toccare i denti applichiamo un sottile strato di materiale del colore che andremo ad ottenere sui denti che simula il risultato finale.In base al feedback del paziente si effettuano le modifiche desiderate ed eventualmente si prova la situazione in un “test drive” per qualche giorno.

Third appointment

We prepare the teeth, carry out the final teeth scanning and apply temporary veneers.

Fourth appointment

Final veneers are tested and put on.

Fifth appointment

During a check visit the possibly required adjustments are carried out. This appointment is fixed at least one week after the veneers application.

Sixth appointment

A follow-up with gum check is made after 1 year of application. If the veneers have been positioned correctly, the gums look healthy, pink and not blooding.

Often, when the patient has chewing problems or is not happy with the aesthetics of his smile, it is not possible to obtain good functional results without a rehabilitation of both dental arches.

The harmony and equilibrium of a smile are obtained by operating on all teeth.

Rehabilitating the whole mouth is an important decision. We have one only body and it is necessary to reflect deeply on the available options.


In the first picture the patient had teeth with fillings of a dark color he didn’t like, of a shape not in harmony with his smile, that wouldn’t allow him to feel comfortably.

In the second picture the mock up has been realized: with a temporary material the ceramic aesthetic dental veneers have been simulated and the patient could consider the desired shape and color.

Once the mock up has been approved, the final result has been realized with ceramic veneers, thin films of artificial enamel singularly fixed on each tooth, thus modifying shape and color.

The peculiarity is that the veneers are designed on each single patient, tailored on his mouth, and the surface characteristics allow a natural final effect, that is not to be distinguished from very white teeth, thus avoiding the ‘water effect’ of the low cost aesthetic veneers.

Mockup di Faccette estetiche in ceramica

Before you decide the dentist you choose, we invite you to consider some elements.

1. The dentist you choose is an expert in important rehabilitations?

Many dentists are only used, in their daily routine, to taking care of some teeth by a filling and this is very different from carrying out a rehabilitation of the whole mouth. The dentists who carry out compromise rehabilitations often cannot take care of the aesthetic look to come up to your expectations, and also cannot manage the occlusion change that important rehabilitations involve.

Remember that it is now possible to have a very good aesthetic result as a completion of functional rehabilitation. We suggest you apply to a team of experts in important rehabilitations to obtain the best possible result. The Studio Sabione & Di Bella performs every day complex cases and rehabilitations of the complete upper and lower dental arches, to great patients’ satisfaction.

2. How many ‘full arch’ rehabilitations has made the dentist you chose?

Even if you went to a specialized clinic, do you really know who will operate on you? It is essential to know the operating dentist and his experience. Doctors Sabione and Di Bella have performed this type of operations thousands of times and they are experts at a world level.

3. Did you meet the doctor who will operate on you?

To meet the doctor who carries out important operations is different from meeting a seller or another collegue. Only the dentist who will operate on you can consider your situation and decide if the conditions for success are present. Only a dentist can answer all your questions. A commercial agent will only aim to close the negotiation. Apply only to those clinics where you can meet the dental surgeon prior to the operation.

4. Is your decision based on price or on competence?

Who chooses a dentist buys a service: a service based on ability, competence and experience. If your decision is guided only by the price, you should ask yourself why you were offered a lower price: what is the real dentist’s experience? In what kind of structure will you be operated on? What materials will be used? How will the post-operation assistance be? Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati is an excellence warrantee in Italy and over the world.