Advanced technologies

The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment.

Intraoral scanner

This clinic uses a digital flow to acquire dental prints: here you can forget the paste that gave you a suffocation sensation in the past. The prints are obtained by the intraoral scanner that scans the teeth from outside the mouth and, with no trouble for the patient, sends the 3D mouth models directly to the technician.

Magnetodynamic instruments

Thanks to our modern instruments, it is possible in many cases to solve several bone lack problems and insert dental implants in case of severe atrophies. Magnetodynamic instruments allow to compact the residual bone in an absolutely painless way for the patient, thus reducing recovery times and avoiding swelling and post-operation troubles in bone grafts.

Cone beam 3D

3D low ray impact radiographies are available in the clinic thus allowing to easily plan even complicated surgical operations, makind predictable and accurate diagnosis and therapy plan.


Sabione & Di Bella Dentisti Associati is an excellence and spearhead centre for GBT protocol. Say goodby to the old scaling procedures! Today Master Prophilaxys and the related technique make the operation completely painless and assure you amazing results (GBT protocol photo).

The Guided Biofilm Therapy technique is a new way to carry out what once was known as scaling. In our clinic you will find a new patented machinery and a specific technique with a revolutionary efficacy to assure you top teeth cleaning and health completely painless.

This protocol is innovative, the instrument is exclusive and our hygienists are certified and competent. You can take care of yourself with this special oral hygiene at the price of 98 euros.

By credit card it is possible to book online (even on Saturdays) for official GBT EMS at the facilitated price of 85 euros. It is possible to delay the appointmet until 24 hours in advance with no charge. In the case of failed appointment without notice, 30 euros will be charged (Sect. PayPal credit card).